Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blog Goes On

In the past couple of days I have had the curse of a beginning knitter and the curse of a web developer. What do you ask is that? Well as a knitter I am a bit of a perfectionist. So if I make a mistake I have to fix it or rip it out. I have spent the past couple of weeks working diligently on a sock. (For the non-knitters out there, knitting with sock yarn is some of the thinnest yarn out there.) I had knitted 8 inches of cuff and I was half way through the heel when I picked up a stitch somewhere. Noooooo!!!! But wait I had just worked on fingerless gloves for my friend Cathy and I was able to rip out multiple rows and pick up the stitches. That bravado made me think I could do it again. WRONG. So I ripped out all of that work. I tried to just jump back in and cast on, but those needles have been sitting there all week taunting me. Maybe tomorrow. Then again I kept saying that. I will let you know. Maybe tomorrow.

Now on to the curse of a web developer.... So I finally had it in my head to redesign the website. So how and where to start? Well for me I dreamt of all the things I wanted to do. So first thing Sunday I start working on the website. I start using the software our hosting service gives us free. (My first mistake) I spent all morning working on the template and tweaking the graphics. I mapped out each page. Then I started to add the content and realized it wouldn't let me add all the things I wanted. Noooo! So scrap the design and start over. Ugh. But I am obsessed so I find a progam that will let me do all the work I want to do. Most of all it lets me code instead of just drag and drop. Yes!!! But now I have to find a template. (mistake number two.) I find a template and I start to change the page. But since it isn't something I made I have to figure it out first. So I spend hours trying to tweak and change the template. I hit another wall. Throw that one out. Ugh. Then I notice it is 6:30pm. I spent an entire day with the computer...for nothing. The up side to all of this is that I just started from scratch on the website and I hope to have it launched by the end of the week. So the blog goes on...ugh

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