Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frost Heaves

Just in case you didn't know, I'm not from around here. I am still learning the New England language. One of the terms that I am not use to seeing on a sign is "Frost Heaves". The first time I saw it I could only picture a snow bank throwing-up. Some how I knew that wasn't what it meant and yet I can't stop picturing it. After all of the crazy temps and snow up here the roads are amazingly bumpy and just about every road has the sign. Right now I think the roads up here may rival the bad roads in PA...and that is saying something. So the next time you see "Frost Heaves" a think you might giggle too :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blog Goes On

In the past couple of days I have had the curse of a beginning knitter and the curse of a web developer. What do you ask is that? Well as a knitter I am a bit of a perfectionist. So if I make a mistake I have to fix it or rip it out. I have spent the past couple of weeks working diligently on a sock. (For the non-knitters out there, knitting with sock yarn is some of the thinnest yarn out there.) I had knitted 8 inches of cuff and I was half way through the heel when I picked up a stitch somewhere. Noooooo!!!! But wait I had just worked on fingerless gloves for my friend Cathy and I was able to rip out multiple rows and pick up the stitches. That bravado made me think I could do it again. WRONG. So I ripped out all of that work. I tried to just jump back in and cast on, but those needles have been sitting there all week taunting me. Maybe tomorrow. Then again I kept saying that. I will let you know. Maybe tomorrow.

Now on to the curse of a web developer.... So I finally had it in my head to redesign the website. So how and where to start? Well for me I dreamt of all the things I wanted to do. So first thing Sunday I start working on the website. I start using the software our hosting service gives us free. (My first mistake) I spent all morning working on the template and tweaking the graphics. I mapped out each page. Then I started to add the content and realized it wouldn't let me add all the things I wanted. Noooo! So scrap the design and start over. Ugh. But I am obsessed so I find a progam that will let me do all the work I want to do. Most of all it lets me code instead of just drag and drop. Yes!!! But now I have to find a template. (mistake number two.) I find a template and I start to change the page. But since it isn't something I made I have to figure it out first. So I spend hours trying to tweak and change the template. I hit another wall. Throw that one out. Ugh. Then I notice it is 6:30pm. I spent an entire day with the computer...for nothing. The up side to all of this is that I just started from scratch on the website and I hope to have it launched by the end of the week. So the blog goes on...ugh

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So It Begins

Back in 2007 Jason (my Partner) and I took an amazing trip around the world. We set up a website to communicate with our friends and family. That site has been up and running since 2006, but I haven't updated it since the end of the trip in October 2007. Well the time has come to once again start the regular updates, so it begins...

Let's start with an update:
Jason and I settled in New Hampshire. I am currently one of the many unemployed in the US. I am looking and hopeful about finding my next position. I am a member of the Seacoast Knitters (a fantastic knitting group) and I started a small book club (we don't have a name for that one yet). I plan to add posts about knitting, books I am reading, pictures of our outings, and just general rants about live in general. Here is to new beginnings as the Adventure continues.....